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And so it begins…

Elon is buzzing as the underclassmen have returned to campus. The first College Coffee has passed. Week one of Fall semester is almost over. And as the syllabi, assignments, blog posts and readings pile up, I am beginning to miss the relative tranquility of Boot Camp. This semester is jam-packed with three production classes (Producing … Continue reading

There’s a reason they call it Boot Camp

After three great weeks of learning a ton about the iMedia software suite, it was time to put our new knowledge to practice and create from scratch a fully functional website in HTML/CSS that incorporated Flash, a 30-second video commercial, and elements created in Photoshop and illustrator. We had three days. I’m pretty sure I … Continue reading

Time for Art Class

“There will be no code this week,” Professor Motley said at the beginning of week three of iMedia Bootcamp. After two weeks trying to wrap my head around HTML, CSS and ActionScript 3.0, this was like music to my ears. We’ve been focusing on Photoshop and Illustrator, which are programs I have played around with … Continue reading

Welcome to JRTR blogging iMedia

Two weeks ago I began a journey called the Interactive Media Master’s program at Elon University. Over the next 10 months I will be filling my brain with lots of wonderful knowledge about the world of digital media development and design. Currently we are in a three-week workshop to get a crash-course in the software … Continue reading