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Motion Typography and Animation in Flash

While we didn’t cover animation in a particular assignment this semester, I became intrigued by the subject when working on a Kinetic Typography assignment for Visual Aesthetics. I started working on this motion typography of the “Mad as Hell Speech” from Sidney Lumet’s 1976 film “Network” in AfterEffects, but soon switched to Flash as the … Continue reading

What the Boolean?

What is Boolean? – a soup ingredient? gold? Nope. Turns out it’s basically the foundations of computer science. I noticed the Boolean term has come up in a few of our readings and most noticeably as a variable in Flash, so I decided to do some investigating and try to figure out what the heck … Continue reading

There’s a reason they call it Boot Camp

After three great weeks of learning a ton about the iMedia software suite, it was time to put our new knowledge to practice and create from scratch a fully functional website in HTML/CSS that incorporated Flash, a 30-second video commercial, and elements created in Photoshop and illustrator. We had three days. I’m pretty sure I … Continue reading

Welcome to JRTR blogging iMedia

Two weeks ago I began a journey called the Interactive Media Master’s program at Elon University. Over the next 10 months I will be filling my brain with lots of wonderful knowledge about the world of digital media development and design. Currently we are in a three-week workshop to get a crash-course in the software … Continue reading