Day 1 – Yucatan, Mexico

After an 18-hour travel day in which we survived life threatening turbulence and a precarious van ride through the Yucatan yesterday, today was about getting down to real work for this project.

It was a bit of a challenge for a first time project manager to get my feet under me as we operated on the fly without a set plan this first day. However, I learned a lot today and feel ready to tackle the rest of the week.

Things I learned:

  • The challenges of focusing a group of my peers.
  • Managing my emotions and stress in a new situation.
  • How to channel the discussion when meeting with a confused client.
  • The importance of a brand plan and video strategy meeting.

The great thing about today was that we got a crash introduction to all things Natanael Center. We met a lot of the kids and took an excursion to an outreach center in San Antonio Sodzil, where the conditions and isolation of this 500 person Mayan village are completely astounding. Because our focus was more to get a feel of our surroundings than collecting content, we were able to interact with the staff and kids in a more in-depth way and had fun making empanadas and playing soccer.


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