Fly-in: A Project for the Public Good

As part of winter term in the Elon Interactive Media Graduate Program, groups of eight students venture out to various exotic locations to work with a non-profit organization. This year two groups will go to Costa Rica, 1 to Panama, 1 to Mexico and 1 to Iceland. For 10 days we collect content (footage, pictures, copy) and meet with clients to discuss their website/branding needs. When we return we have less than two weeks to complete the final website and present it to a group of faculty and our peers here at Elon University.

In a few days, I will be flying to the Yucatan, Mexico to work with the Natanael Center – a school in Cacalchen that provides educational and community support to the children of this impoverished village and the surrounding area. I am the project manager for Team #iMexico. While Internet access it limited during the trip, I will be post-dating blogs about the experience here when I return.


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