Motion Typography and Animation in Flash

While we didn’t cover animation in a particular assignment this semester, I became intrigued by the subject when working on a Kinetic Typography assignment for Visual Aesthetics.

I started working on this motion typography of the “Mad as Hell Speech” from Sidney Lumet’s 1976 film “Network” in AfterEffects, but soon switched to Flash as the use of coding to get the desired effect began to seem like an intriguing prospect.  Flash definitely wasn’t the easiest tool to work with when doing this animation, as the timeline functionality and other tools could become clunky when doing longer/more complicated segments. I am also still interested in learning AfterEffects, and figuring out more the use of Camera functionality in the program, as I see potential for more dynamic 3D animation in that program.

I like the flat 2D quality of Flash for the Network animation, as I felt is best captured the 1970s TV news feel that I was using as my aesthetic. I purposely stuck to mostly a gray-scale with red accents and few other colors. The car exhaust to stomach sequence is by far my favorite and required the most creativity as far as how to create the illusion of movement in Flash and get it to work right for the timing.

For my interactive version of a research paper on Social TV, I wanted to create a motion infographic/story inspired by the videos we had watched early in the semester by Story of Stuff. It was unplanned, but thanks to both projects revolving around the central topic of television, I was able to reuse some of my Network animation elements in this research animation.

It was great to use Flash in a new way for these projects, and while coding was minimal, I still got to think of a few creative logic tricks to pull off both projects.


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