The Social TV Phenomenon: A Research Paper

After a semester of intensive research and writing, here is the final product of my research paper on Social Television and Second Screen.

Check out the full online interactive version here :

The Social TV Phenomenon

Social TV Website

How New Technologies Look to Enhance Television’s Role as an Enabler of Social Interaction


This paper provides a historical perspective of television’s role in engaging social interaction, and looks at how a new era of fragmented consumption and time-shifted viewing has altered this role. This perspective is applied to the technological evolution of Social TV and the emergence of Second Screen, which refers to the current trend in development of online and mobile applications that aim to increase viewers’ social interaction and engagement while watching TV. Research of past prototypes is examined to define the primary components needed to create a successful Social TV application like ambient display and viewer connectedness. Finally, this framework is applied to an analysis of the new iterations of Social TV applications like GetGlue, Miso, IntoNow and TVplus.


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