Look mom, I made my own augmented reality!

This post is the 19th in a series for a graduate course called Theory and Audience Analysis. For the course, I will be posting weekly questions and follow-up analysis about the various readings we are assigned. This post is an a ridiculously awesome example of augmented reality, well at least awesome that I got it too work.

Below is a video of the Flash Augmented Reality sphere in action! This was fun to make but I see a lot of issues in practicality with using AR. Implementation on mobile devices could definitely change my opinion, especially when the technology is able to read everyday objects like a tree or a magazine, but as it is with this example: it’s basically like a super awesome QR code.

Click here to try it for yourself: http://torrezriley.com/flash/flar/Earth.swf

You will need a webcam and to print this jpg image.
Show it to the webcam and you should see the special beach ball for yourself.

I used this website tutorial to create this FLAR. It was a lot of trial and error in creating a new image overlay and new materials discoveries in order to post it live online (did you know .dae files have CODE!), but it works. Fiero moment!


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