Fun to play, hard to make

Try out the game here:

For our second major project in Producing Interactive Media we were to create a Flash game, not an easy task my classmates and I quickly learned.

I was inspired to make a storybook game and chose to use the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. I had grand plans of creating an elementary-age game where you move a character around a game world. You would encounter small games along the way with the ultimate purpose to be to get through the story. My idea was that there would be so many different variations it would be a different game every time.

As I got deeper into the process organization and creative problem solving became key, however the fickle nature of Flash began to create road blocks and I realized that my basic logic structure wasn’t conducive to what I wanted to do. By then it was too late and a class deadline meant I just had to power through. While the game doesn’t come close to equalling my initial vision, it is a solid prototype of what I intended for the basic game. I limited my game to just one chapter of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, and limited the roots to three possible adventures. There are glitches and I felt I had to play it safe with some of my game decisions to ensure that it functioned at all.

Check out two other weekly assignment games I made here:

Name to 50 state capitals:

Hungry Ball:


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