Lessig questions

This post is the tenth in a series that will be for a graduate course called Theory and Audience Analysis. For the course, I will be posting weekly questions and follow-up analysis about the various readings we are assigned. This post serves as an initial reaction to Lawerence Lessig’s “Code”.

Lessig begins to raise some intriguing discussion of the freedom of “cyberspace.” He describes the Internet as almost a separate world governed by it’s own rules, a place where code, not God, is the ruling body.

Lessig argues that the potential reach of the Net and it’s allowance for anonymity means cyberspace needs regulation, but certainly not from the government.

He admits it’s a contradiction in seeing the Internet as a free-for-all, but also as needing regulation. It raises the question of who creates the regulation and how as a society do we enforce them? Where is a line drawn between regulation and control? What do countries with restrictions on the Net (like China), show us about the negatives (and positives?!?! are there?) of government controlled regulation?


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