An interview in 140 characters

 Likeable Media, a marketing agency specializing in social media, hosted a “twitter-view” this afternoon. It was as it sounds, an interview via Twitter using the hashtag #likeablejob.  The position was for a social media strategy director, something I am likely not qualified for YET as a graduate student, but an area I am interested in pursuing. From a student perspective, I wanted to use the twitter-view as a learning experience.

Likeable Media GM Cara Friedman posed 12 questions and a frenzy of twitter followers responded sparking some intriguing topics of conversation. The pace of the twitter-view pretty accurately mirrored the on-the-spot feel of interview questions. Things moved so quickly you had to think fast, and then post with the added restriction of a 140 character limit. It was a unique Twitter experience and provided a lot of great new information by reading other participants responses.

I’m curious to see if this actually results in filling the social media strategy director position, but even if not, it succeed in engaging an audience with the Likeable brand, provided some valuable information for future job preperation, and raised good questions to inspire me to keep learning and exploring this vast new world of interactive and social media.

Below are the questions Cara asked and my corresponding answers.

Q1: Tell me everything #Likeable needs to know about you in 140 characters. Ready, Set, GO! #likeablejob

Q2: What are some brands that you find likeable on social media and why? #likeablejob

  • I missed this question it seems.

Q3: What are you passionate about? #likeablejob

  • @torrezriley Q3 #likeablejob passionate about learning new skills, web tutorials are taking over my life. Current interest: Air for Android Flash project

Q4: Describe a social media initiative that is off the beaten path that you identify with as a consumer. #likeablejob

Q5: What social media thought leaders do you follow? #likeablejob

Q6: Have you ever been part of an innovative social media campaign? Tell us about it! #likeablejob

Q7: Which social media platform is your favorite for self expression? #likeablejob

Q8: Describe an example where you were driven to exceed client expectations. #likeablejob

  • @torrezriley Q8 I help a indie filmmaker with online presence, I go above/beyond by in-person/phone tutorials to help them help themselves #likeablejob

Q9: What tools and applications do you use to analyze your social media initiatives? #likeablejob

  • couldn’t relevantly answer this one

Q10: How do you exercise transparency in your everyday life? #likeablejob

  • @torrezriley I use real name in social media, I am Jessica Torrez-Riley & proud of it proud of the info I share. No hiding behind annonymity #likeablejob

Q11: New Facebook changes- Yay or Nay for marketers? How can marketers best utilize the new changes? #likeablejob

  • @torrezriley Q11: New Facebook = better able to target specific demographics which is good for marketing; but privacy questions are tricky #likeablejob
Q12: What do you think of Google+ and the effect it will have on brands? #likeablejob
  • @torrezriley #likeablejob Q12 fast rise in Google+ registrants compared to active users is key, idea of circles was cool, but Facebook does it too now

Then it was opened up for us to ask questions. Here is what I asked and Cara’s responses:

Q: @Caraizzle For us grad students participating, what are the best skills we need to conquer to enter the competitive workforce?

  • Response:@torrezriley Be passionate and creative. Stand out in every job/internship you work at! #likeablejob
Q: @Caraizzle What is the main thing job applicants do wrong in regards to their social media presence? #likeablejob

  • Response:@torrezriley SM can be a great platform for yourself! Share great content but don’t hide everything.
Q: @Caraizzle one more question, checking out website and wondering if you could further explain what the “buzz builder” job is #likeablejob



2 thoughts on “An interview in 140 characters

  1. Since I was in Brian’s class I didn’t really try to answer any questions but I did try and keep up with the conversation. I think you’re right about it being a good learning experience and the great part is I can search the hashtag and all that information will still be there!

  2. As I watched this interview encounter today this proved that times are changing and that the original way of interviewing is no longer going to be there. Likeable did such an amazing job with stepping outside of their boundaries and doing something amazing.

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