End of Flash as we know it?

With Microsoft’s recent announcement that their new “Metro” Internet Explorer 10 browser won’t be plug-in compatible when they roll out Windows 8, a lot of sources are writing about the end of Flash, or at least Flash as we know it.

It’s an idea that Apple really started with the iPad and iPhone not being Flash compatible, but the idea is becoming more of a  reality with the increased potential and prevalence of HTML5.

Adobe doesn’t seem too concerned and is still working hard to advance the Flash software by bringing it to mobile phones via the Android platform. As this CNet article (Microsoft joins the anti-Flash crowd with IE10) suggests, Flash may be tailoring its usability away from general web development to more specified areas.

“At the same time, Adobe is being more circumspect about the tasks best suited to Flash as HTML5, CSS3, faster JavaScript, and other Web standards advance. Those areas for Flash include games, advanced video, and companies’ in-house applications.”

As we in the iMedia program are toiling away to learn the Flash software, this idea does make you pause. Things happen so quickly in the industry, how relevant will this Flash knowledge be in a year? 5? 10?

Even though they are still in a baptism-by-fire state, how much should we be focusing on learning these new development standards like HTML5?

I’ve been loving learning Flash, but I’m not sure I see game or in-house application development as being a part of my future career. I don’t know enough about this to make any bold predictions, but I definitely think it is worth discussing.

In the meantime, I am going to keep getting better at ActionScript and Flash design, because honestly I think it’s fun. And in the web world, knowledge of one thing will almost always translate into helping you learn other tools.

If you are eager to learn more as well, I just discovered this article. It’s got an amazing collection of the best websites thet help with learning Flash/ActionScript.


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