Resources for Flash errors

Forums are a great source of info to help when trying to combat a Flash error. Some tips for using them effectively!

  • Don’t just post asking for help right away, first try and see if there are already threads about your problem (I can pretty much gaurantee there are).
  • Copy and paste your entire error code into search, chances are someone else has posted looking for help about the exact same thing. (Doing this in Google is great too, because it will scour all searchable forums on the internet, however there can also be a lot of clutter).
  • Don’t just read the top few entries of a post and determine it too confusing or unhelpful. I’ve found some of the best gems of wisdom at the bottom of forum posts. It might take some digging, but the knowledge gained is free and invaluable.
  •  You can also post your .FLA files and get real experts to help you find a solution. However, you generally need a registered login for posting. Searching, usually not.
  • Tips when posting: be prepared for unsolicited critiques and frustration by more experienced Flash designers and developers at your rudimentary skills. This can be great info, but only if you have a thick skin. Also try to avoid posting for help on things that are too simple or that have a solution that can be found elsewhere. These forum members can be impatient.

Adobe Forums Forums

Kirupa Forums

Coding Forums

As I learn of more resources, I will work to update this page. Please leave any suggestions you might have as well!


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