There’s a reason they call it Boot Camp

After three great weeks of learning a ton about the iMedia software suite, it was time to put our new knowledge to practice and create from scratch a fully functional website in HTML/CSS that incorporated Flash, a 30-second video commercial, and elements created in Photoshop and illustrator.

We had three days. I’m pretty sure I only slept about 10 hours over those three days. There were challenges (like when Flash spit out yet another Security Context error at 2 in the morning). There were victories ( like when the Flash banner you spent 12 hours creating embedded in your HTML with no hiccups). There was laughter (when a classmate acted like a fool for your 30 second commercial). There were tears (when Safari decided that it wanted to ignore your CSS despite looking perfect in Firefox and Chrome).

Overall it took a lot of time, I learned a ton, and I am pretty satisfied with the final project. Could it be better? Of course! Am I proud of the amount of work I put into it and the nuggets of knowledge I accumulated during the process?  You bet!

Now I am ready to sleep and start this process all over again when the Fall semester begins August 30th.

I’ve temporarily posted the website here: Check it out, offer me feedback, laugh at my rudimentary development abilities!


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