Video practice with FCPX

In the third and final week of Boot Camp it was time to tackle video editing with Final Cut Pro X.

I’ve worked pretty extensively with Final Cut Pro and AVID in past schooling and jobs, so I was worried about all the rumors surrounding Apple’s latest “update” to Final Cut. After editing my first video in X, I feel that most of my reservations have come true. While the new software is faster (love background rendering), the system as a whole does not seem suited for professional editing. It seems like Apple just slapped in the face of former FCP users to create what many call “iMovie on Steroids.”

I’ve since opened Adobe Premiere Pro and was pleasantly surprised to see how familiar it was compared with FCP7 or other earlier versions. I feel like I might end up being more comfortable using it for future projects.

This is the video I made with a partner as an in-class learning experience. We had an hour to shoot using a Canon 7D and the project was edited using FCPX.


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