Welcome to NatAcad.org!

All the hard work of the past few weeks has paid off, and I am proud to introduce NatAcad.org! This was a full-brand campaign and web presence development created for an non-profit education center in the Yucatan, Mexico. Click the image below to see the completed site! Advertisements

Day 8 – Yucatan, Mexico

It was our last day at Academia Natanael in Cacalchen. Production wise we just had to shoot a few pickup interviews and focus on some more artistic and composed photos of the kids. The real purpose of today was to have a last big meeting with our client. Our Design Team has been working on … Continue reading

Day 7 – Yucatan, Mexico

It’s hard to believe that our time here at Academia Natanael is quickly coming to an end. It simultaneously feels like we just got here and like we’ve been here for months. With our flight back to the States on the horizon, we tried to accomplish as much as we could today. We interviewed all … Continue reading

Day 6 – Yucatan, Mexico

Academia Natanael was closed this Monday for maintenance and administrative organization. It meant that the school was quite and most of the staff was around, a perfect day to do interviews! Since we have gotten a grasp of our client’s needs and our needs for the website, we were ready to do a in-depth interview with Kyle, … Continue reading

Day 5 – Yucatan, Mexico

It’s been quiet with the school closed over the weekend, but it provides a great time to come together as a group and plan for the rest of our time here. We are already half way through the trip and we still have so much to accomplish in the next few days. We have gotten … Continue reading

Day 4 – Yucatan, Mexico

After the productivity of yesterday, today was about having a valuable cultural experience. For the most part we put down the video cameras and the photography equipment (except for personal use) and we explored more of the Yucatan. Our first stop was to the nearby Mayan city of Izamal. The entire city is done in … Continue reading

Day 3 – Yucatan, Mexico

Today was chock full of production. It began before 7 a.m. when we woke up at sunrise to get ready for our first shoot of the day. We decided to film a feature with one of the families we met yesterday on our kid walks. We met Jose y Yensi at their home, so that … Continue reading

Day 2 – Yucatan Mexico

After the chaos yesterday of hitting the ground running, today the group was ready to dive into the heart of our work. We experienced the trials and tribulations of our first sit down interviews (a school is noisy, the Yucatan sun in BRIGHT, and mainly how to get used to using a translator and still … Continue reading

Day 1 – Yucatan, Mexico

After an 18-hour travel day in which we survived life threatening turbulence and a precarious van ride through the Yucatan yesterday, today was about getting down to real work for this project. It was a bit of a challenge for a first time project manager to get my feet under me as we operated on … Continue reading